Team EVO produces events intended to promote local personality to national view. we are dedicated to the advancement of the party and lifestyle scene to create unique moments and experiences that hits deep on the local personality.

That was the formal description. We’re all about delivering you experiences that goes beyond the surface details. The idea to is give you fun moments that will become your fond memories. Our aim is to make you proud.

What’s Up?

Midsummer Night’s Dream is Palawan’s biggest outdoor dance music festival, taking place during Puerto Princesa’s annual Pangalipay sa Baybay Celebration. it is the highlight event in Palawan every summer and comes built in with travel packages to further promote tourism.

Duma Electrique Fest is built to be a music festival that identifies with the unique Dumaguete personality that we can only know by experiencing it. We put more emphasis to that as it is what DEF truly stands for —an event to highlight the culture and vibe of Dumaguete City and why any time of the year, people are excited to have a reason to be #BoundForDuma.

We always curate our programs with lineups that have harmonic coherence while keeping the distinct sound of each artist. It is a journey through music chemistry with DJs playing with specific styles while smoothly transitioning to the next act to create an experience that is holistic from start to finish.

Gear up and take the attitude with you down the streets, the islands, or wherever you go  with the FunkyMunky apparrels. We have different designs to suit whatever mood you’re in. They’re styling-ready as well to get you prepped up for your next music festie and we got some tips for that too.