#1 Most Beautiful Island in the World

Let’s state the obvious so we can get it out of the way. Palawan is the #1 most beautiful island in the world (according to Conde Nast Traveller). But what made it #1 is just the tip of the iceberg: El Nido’s famous lagoons, secret beaches, Puerto Princesa’s Underground River, Coron’s diving experience. Pretty much the usual by now. If you still haven’t checked those things off your bucket list, now would be a very good time.

Balabac, South Palawan. Photo Credits: Cheena Pe

But wait, there’s more! There’s still Cuyo where you can find even finer sand and waves and wind to kite surf, Balabac where you can find the whitest sands and the clearest waters, and more! We can talk about that in another article. For now, we’re telling you why Palawan is the best place for a summer to remember. After all, it’s not the places you go to but it’s how you feel for that moment in your life.

It’s an Adventure 

This is something that is often understated about Palawan due to being overshadowed by the beautiful sights is the huge variety of outdoor activities you could do. Other places would make these activities that you can do as their tourist attraction already and apparently they’re all here in Palawan! Go kayaking around the mangroves or head up to open sea and explore the lagoons, get a boat ride down a river with fireflies lighting up the way, surf at Nagtabon beach, ride down the countryside trail in ATVs, go kite surfing at the nearest beach, zipline, dirt biking, go caving and discover prehistoric relics, or dive at Tubbataha to see the protected marine life, and more! There’s too many to list. And we will feature the best ones in our next article called: Exciting Palawan.

It’s a Colorful Culinary Journey

There’s the freshest seafood and exotic dishes all over the place. That’s not really surprising. It’s Palawan! You can find them practically anywhere. And they’re really colorful. You will love the food presentation on your IG. Try some Crocodile-based dishes (They taste like chicken but saltier. Very very lean too.) or some Curacha. If you’re looking for something western, the resorts and restaurants won’t be holding back on you as well.

Of course, there’s more and this is almost never mentioned but this is pocket knowledge to locals. During the Vietnam War, some of them bravely sailed out of Vietnam and landed in Puerto Princesa. The government built them a Vietnamese village for the refugees who settled in. Since then, they’ve introduced their dishes and it has become part of local cuisine. And the localized combination of cultures has been extraordinary.

There are Beaches Everywhere

Have we emphasized this enough? No we haven’t. It’s not always sight-seeing or totally going all out for vacation as you would if you’re going to El Nido or any other institutionalized tour in Palawan. Supposing you go the road less travelled and go to Palawan to explore life and go by as local for a while. The nearest beach is about 20 minutes away where ever you are and it’s no big deal. Chances are, there’s hardly anyone there and you can have the stretch all to your self. You will have a healthy glowing tan whenever you’re here. There’s really just so many beaches that people hardly pay attention to it anymore.

 The Island Life

We definitely understand what it means to be busy and productive, but what’s the point of it if you can’t enjoy life? Make no mistake about the “island life” in Palawan. Puerto Princesa is a developing highly urbanized city. Sooner rather than later, you’ll see that it achieves the best of both worlds of having a busy developed urban with the laidback island life attitude with immediate access to tropical vibes and nature’s adventures. You can bring your work here, relax, and have fun!

Have we mentioned that Puerto Princesa is dubbed as “A City Within a Forest”? Well, you can find fire trees and cherry trees blossoming with the streets around downtown with bright summer colors any time of the year. It’s a pleasure to walk around town.

Midsummer Night’s Dream


Come here for that one weekend in midsummer. Gather with your friends and meet more friends. Palawan is having its electronic music festival at the beautiful baywalk in Puerto Princesa from sunset to dawn. Artists are carefully selected to cater to different genres of electronic music. Different food stalls offering varied cuisines will be there so you can explore different flavors at the festival grounds. Have fun, enjoy, meet people, and make new friends!

To cap it off, you’re also invited for the after party by the pool at Blue Palawan Beach Club at BM Beach. Complete your Palawan experience with this to make it a summer to remember.


If you need assistance or inquiries in getting to Palawan, let us know. We can can help you arrange your trip. We have special packages for the Midsummer Weekend. Everything is taken cared of.

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