A perfect mix of skills and talent, passion, a sonic palette for quality music and the character for success this is DJ Melvin Baridiano, a local icon and one of the fastest rising star in today’s music industry.

This local icon climbed his way from his love for music; perfecting his skills in beat matching making seamless transitions; playing through gigs, experiencing both strong and weak nights that evolved to the unsullied remixing of songs; from the lessons learned he has now flawlessly mastered the ability to keep the crowd pumping especially during big game transitions.

His versatility in the different genres of music has given him enough exposure to distinguish his inclination and it was towards house music and EDM. He campaigned to educate and influence others for his love of the genre and he succeeded in building a small group with the equivalent inclination.

The timing was perfect, in the middle of the global explosion of electronic dance music was were his path became clearer. He began playing prime sets for peak seasoned gigs, opening and closing sets for well-renowned Dj’s and from there he was discovered. Other than his exceptional talent his humility was also cited which gave him the advantage that he was loved and supported by his co-dj’s, the promoters and organizers and from there he received various invitations from not only in Visayas but also to the other regions.

Exposed to more intricate genres, he then fell in love with Techno Music and better yet in the making of techno music. This Dj not only does he perform live but he is now an emerging prodigious producer for Techno.