One of the country’s great veterans with credentials from being in nearly every major event in Cebu: Life Dance, Summer Sunscream, Sinulog Invasion, and more recently, The Chainsmokers during their #Selfie tour. Jan Areno has proven his versatility and ability dating all the way back to Cebu Underground Movement.

Born in Philippines, Jan is a Cebu City based DJ/Producer. In Cebu City, Jan’s residencies have included The Penthouse and Loft. This has allowed him to open up and play along side numerous world renowned DJ’s As a DJ/Producer, his style of music can best be described as a mix of progressive and house.

Want to know more about who Jan Areno has shared decks with? Nearly every big name DJ, both international and local, that has set foot in Cebu. There’s too many to list. Want to find out why? Attend his set and you’ll find out why he is a staple name in any big lineup when he takes you on a journey through the purity of sound.